Siemens New Open Air fire and smoke electronic damper actuators

Siemens new Open Air fire and smoke electronic damper actuators that are integrated with a patented electronic fusible link reducing installation risk and improving life safety.

Integrated design to save time and save lives.
Passive protection systems are only as good as the installation process. Siemens innovative Electronic Fusible Link uses a quick-connect design for a safe, reliable connection. Other actuator brands require using a separate fusible link that may need additional wiring, junction box, etc. to be properly configured to code. With Siemens patented electronic fusible link design cowerful, compact actuators, you achieve a more reliable installation, better efficiency and improved protection.

  • Most compact design for tight-fitting spaces
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Integrated Electronic Fusible Link (EFL) with four temperature ratings: 165°F, 212°F, 250°F, 350°F
  • Optional built-in auxiliary switches with fixed switch points at 5° and 85° rotation
  • 30-second motor drive operation at rated torque, temperature and voltage
  • Listed with California State Fire Marshal
  • Made in the USA

Enhanced performance and efficiency.
Siemens has simplified the overall design of fire and smoke damper actuators while delivering more enhanced performance. Every OpenAir damper actuator is highly accelerated life tested beyond industry standards to ensure long-lasting performance. The GJD, GRD, GKD, GVD series are compact and lightweight while delivering robust torque performance ranging from 20 lb-in up to 200 lb-in.

Improved safety with game-changing configuration.
Only Siemens offers fire and smoke damper actuators that integrate with a low-voltage electronic fusible link. Everything easily goes together. No custom fabrication is required for easy assembly and installation providing complexity reduction for damper manufacturers and hassle-free installation at the jobsite. The electronic fusible link’s low-voltage connection design is patented for life safety in mind by reducing risk of shock and delivers a more precise temperature readout for better performance with a reset button for fast, easy testing.

Minimize installation faults.
Using the only truly integrated actuator and electronic fusible link available in the industry eliminates the hassles and errors that can happen during installation. The integrated design eliminates assembly steps, improves assembly consistency and eliminates risk of faulty installation. With hundreds of life safety damper installations in a given project, making sure everything is connected right the first time and ready to reliably operate for years is imperative.

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