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470009: Economizer Controller
Daikin 470009: Economizer Controller
Sale price$486.92
Available to Order
50048926-002: Jade Economizer Edge Connector (1 connector)
50053060-001: Duct Sensor Mounting Kit - Jade Econ Sensors
C7250A1001: 20K Temp Sensor for JADE Economizer
C7400A2001: Enthalpy Sensor Duct 4/20ma Output
C7400S1000: Jade Economizer Enthalpy Sensor
ECON-ZIP-10K: ZIP Economizer Temperature Sensor
ECON-ZIP-BASE: ZIP Economizer Base Unit
ECON-ZIP-EM: ZIP Economizer Energy Module
ECON-ZIP-TH: ZIP Economizer Temperature and Humidity Sensor
M7415A1006: 24v CW SpringReturn NC 90sec
M8405A1006: Econ Damper Act, 3 Pos, 24VAC, Spring, 25lb, 18 Second, CCW Rotate
POL220.05: Economizer Module 0-10vdc remote input
Q7330A1004: Interface Module for Series 90 Modutrol IV Motor
W7220A1000: Jade Economizer Control

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