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Flame Safeguard Cross Reference:

RM78xx Primary Control Cross Reference

78xx Programmer Control Cross Reference

Flame Safeguard Linkage-less Boiler Controls Controlinks:

USB to USConverters RS485

Temperature Controlled T775 Controlinks

Pressure Controlled P7810 Controlinks

RM78XX to Controlinks

Fireye to Controlinks

Siemens LFL1355 to Controlinks

Flame Safeguard Conversion Wiring Diagrams:

Conversion Wiring Diagram RM7800/RM7840

Conversion Wiring Diagram RM7890

Flame Safeguard Legacy RM7800 to Enhanced Wiring Diagrams:

RM7890A1015 to RM7890B1048 Wiring Diagram

RM7890A1015 to RM7890A1056 Wiring Diagram

RM7895A1014 to RM7840L1018 Wiring Diagram

RM7895A1014 to RM7897A1002 Wiring Diagram

RM7895A1014 to RM7898A1000 Wiring Diagram

RM7895A1048 to RM7898A1018 Wiring Diagram

Flame Safeguard Legacy R485 to RM7800 Wiring Diagrams:

R485B to RM7885A1015 Wiring Diagram

Flame Safeguard Legacy R4140 to RM7800 Wiring Diagrams:

R4140G1007 to RM7840G1022 Wiring Diagram

R4140G1015 to RM7840G1022 Wiring Diagram

R4140G1031, G1049, G1056, G1064 to RM7840G1022 Wiring Diagram

R4140G1106 to RM7840G1022 Wiring Diagram

R4140G1114, R4140G1122, R4140G1171 to RM7840G1022 Wiring Diagram

R4140G1130 to RM7840G1022 Wiring Diagram

R4140G1148 to RM7840G1022 Wiring Diagram

R4140G1163 to RM7840G1022 Wiring Diagram

R4140G1189 to RM7840L1018 Wiring Diagram

R4140L1006 to RM7840L1018 Wiring Diagram

Flame Safeguard Legacy R4795 to RM7800 Wiring Diagrams:

R4795 to RM7898A1000 Wiring Diagram

Flame Safeguard Legacy R7795 to RM7800 Wiring Diagrams:

R7795A to RM7898A1000 Wiring Diagram

R7795B to RM7895A1014 Wiring Diagram

R7795B to RM7898A1000 Wiring Diagram

R7795C to RM7898A1000 Wiring Diagram

Flame Safeguard Legacy RA890 to RM7800 Wiring Diagrams:

RA890F to RM7890B1014 Wiring Diagram

RA890F to RM7890B1048 Wiring Diagram

RA890G to RM7890B1048 Wiring Diagram