75F® HyperStat Split

The HyperStat Split empowers contractors to upgrade rooftop units with Advanced Rooftop Control with unprecedented ease, bringing energy efficiency to more buildings than ever before. Using only two existing wires from the RTU to the thermostat, the HyperStat Split provides dual enthalpy economizer, demand-control ventilation, and VFD control. An onboard PIR occupancy sensor enhances energy savings with auto away, and its hefty I/O package enables alerts like condensate overflow and dirty filters.

Main Features:

  • Dual enthalpy economizer, demand-control ventilation (DCV), and variable frequency drive (VFD) control
  • (8) Onboard sensors for occupancy, temperature, VOC, light, humidity, sound, CO2 & optional particulate matter
  • (8) Relays
  • (4) Analog outputs
  • (8) Universal Inputs
  • BACnet and Modbus control

The HyperStat Split facilitates ARC over the existing two wires in retrofit applications using a HyperLite and a Connect Module. Both an occupant interface and a powerful indoor air quality sensing station, the HyperLite takes user input and collects data on temperature, humidity, light, sound, VOCs, CO2, occupancy, and particulate matter. The Connect Module communicates with the HyperLite over two wires from the RTU or FCU and performs stage or modular control. With the ability to accept eight universal analog inputs, the back half of the Connect Module moves load control away from the zone.


(1) Each of HyperLite and Connect Module

(1) Mounting Adapter plate

(2) Mounting Screws

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