A-4000-604: Coalescing Filter Element 20 SCFM

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WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm - More information at: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


JCI Coalescing Filter Element 20 SCFM

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In the Supplied Air and Circulated Air Personal Environments system, a duct system directs air from the Fan and Electronics Unit (FEU) to the two diffusers. Diffuser Duct Kits are available for four common work station configurations. Each kit contains the components to connect the FEU to the diffusers. The kit includes two plastic duct assemblies and the two collars for attaching the ducts to the FEU. The separate duct components that comprise the right and left-hand duct systems are pre-assembled at the factory; similarly, the collars that attach the system to the FEU are assembled to the ducts. In some cases, the installation may require only minor adjustments, which telescoping duct sections make possible. However, if more than a minor adjustment is required, the installer may need to cut sections of the plastic duct material (using a hacksaw) to reduce length, or add an accessory duct to increase length.


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