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Showing 1 - 48 of 126 products
DEVICE-10: 10 Device Capacity Pack (Qnx Platforms)
DEVICE-1: 1 Device/50 Point Capacity
DEVICE-25: 25 Device Capacity Pack (Qnx Platforms)
DEVICE-50: 50 Device Capacity Pack (Qnx Platforms)
DEVICE-5: 5 Device/250 Point Capacity Pack
DR-APUP: N4 PUP Driver
Vykon DR-APUP: N4 PUP Driver
Sale price$4,760.00
DR-CCN: Carrier CCN for Niagara 4
DR-MCQUAY: McQuay Driver to OPM Driver
DR-S-DB-CSV: CSV Database Driver
DR-S-DB-MYSQL: MYSQL Database Driver
DR-S-DB-ORCL: Oracle 11G Database Driver
DR-S-DB-SQL: SQL Database Driver
GPRS-CBL-EXT: GPRS Extension Cable Kit
IO-16: I/O 16 Expansion Module (EOL 07/01/21)
IO-34: I/O 34 Expansion Module (EOL 07/01/21)
Vykon IO-R-16: BD TRIDIUM IO-R-16
Sale price$750.00
In stock
Vykon IO-R-34: BD TRIDIUM IO-R-34
Sale price$1,675.00
In stock
JACE-8000-CONTROLLER: JACE 8000 Controller - Unbranded
JACE-8000-SDV4-HW: 4GB JACE-8000 uSD card only
Vykon JACE-8000-SDV4-HW: 4GB JACE-8000 uSD card only
Sale price$230.00
Available to Order
JACE-8000-uSDV4: JACE 8000 uSD cards
Vykon JACE-8000-uSDV4: JACE 8000 uSD cards
Sale price$195.00
In stock
JACE-8000-VYKON: JACE 8000 Branding Clip
JEC-834: JACE 8000 with remote connected 34 point I/O module.(I-SC)
NA-EC-N4-1000: NA-N4 Embedded, 1000 analy Pts
NA-EC-N4-100: NA-N4 Embedded,100 analy. Pts
NA-EC-N4-250: NA-N4 Embedded, 250 analy. Pts
NA-EC-N4-500: NA-N4 Embedded, 500 analy. Pts
NA-S-N4-100000: NA-N4 Sup, 100,000 analy. Pts
NA-S-N4-10000: NA-N4 Sup, 10,000 analy. Pts
NA-S-N4-1000: NA-N4 Sup,1,000 analy. Pts
NA-S-N4-2500: NA-N4 Sup, 2,500 analy. Pts
NA-S-N4-250: NA-N4 Sup, 250 analy. Pts
NA-S-N4-50000: NA-N4 Sup, 500,000 analy. Pts
NA-S-N4-UNL: NA-N4 Sup,Unlimited analy. Pts
NC-8XXX-DEMO: JACE-8000 Demo Core for engineering

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